Battery Energy Storage System


Intelligent Powering with BESS

Smart solution tailored to suit different energy needs with the power of solar and battery.

Each person’s energy needs are different. With our BESS solution at MAQO, we are creating ways to integrate the use of solar PV module, battery storage, energy control and management technologies to offer our customers greater energy affordability, reliability and resiliency.

MAQO BESS solution is not only able to produce and store energy, it also “adapts” to the energy needs by optimizing energy sources of Solar, Battery or Diesel Generator Set in real time. By monitoring current energy needs, the status of solar production, stored energy levels, grid or micro-grid health among other inputs, the Maqo BESS works to deliver the optimal energy experience.

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MAQO Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a smart technology equipped with remote monitoring and control system designed to store electrical energy generated from solar PV system using batteries.
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Peace of Mind

Automated Energy Management System

MAQO BESS is fully automated in controlling energy flows and storage, making it an ideal solution for providing energy in locations and areas without grid utilities.

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Smart System

MAQO BESS utilizes solar power to generate energy during the daytime, storing the excess generation into specially designed batteries. System will automatically switch to battery power supply when solar power is not sufficient to provide energy required.

Always Available

MAQO BESS can be connected to an electrical generator (genset) to automatically pull powers from it when batteries are low on charges to provide alternative source of power supply, making energy supply to be always available.

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Energy Management System

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Installation & Project Completed

MAQO Solar has served more than 300 clienteles and we are equipped with more than 13 years of experience in engineering industry, as well as in-house SEDA GCPV qualifications design team and installation team.

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