Solar power purchase agreement

How It works

zero Upfront Cost, Maximum Savings

Installation & Deployment

Enjoy installation & deployment of our solar PV system designed based on your energy bill for FREE.

Pay What You Use

Pay only for the electricity you used at a lower tariff rate than your electricity distribution provider (TNB).

Post-Contract Ownership

We will transfer the ownership of the PV system installed to you for FREE after the end of the PPA contract for more savings.

solar ppa malaysia

Power Purchase Agreement, is a concept similar to leasing/renting a car to drive, without the need of you actually paying for the cost of the vehicle. Solar panel leasing lets you utilize solar panels to generate electricity, while only paying for the electricity used with zero installation costs.

Everyone Can Go green

We Build The Perfect Solar PV System For Your Utilization

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Effective Solutions adapted to your Needs

Maintain the same tariff rate with Power Purchase Agreement even when the electricity utility rate rises.

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Top End Savings
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Cleaner energy

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

Sign, Use & Save

power purchase agreement solar malaysia

We provide and oversees the installation, while managing all system maintenance and warranty issues for the life of the contract. No upfront needed, and you immediately start seeing benefits in the form of lower electricity bills. Essentially, we are selling power at a reduced rate, allowing consumers to maximize their savings.

What are the Qualifications Required for the SPPA Program?

1. You live in an area with great solar incentives (basically all areas in Malaysia).

2. You have a large space on the roof that is clear of obstructions.

3. You have passed our eligibility evaluation for the SPPA program.